Todays Charts – 25/01/2018

Today is going to be intresting for sure. We’ve got the ECB minimum bid rate and then after the ECB Press Conference.


GBP/USD – Seems to be just following the uptrend. E/G is keeping a lid down on G/U as EURO has strengh from the dollar weakness.

EUR/USD – We are getting signs for a uptrend but anything could happen with the ECB only hours away.

EUR/GBP – It seems to be finding a bottom and then retracing and then dropping again due to GBP strengh. E/G is a chart that will go crazy when EBC data is released.

USD/JPY – It’s just following the downtrend. Looks set to bottom out close to 108 or top of the 107 handle.

USD/CAD – We’ve got CAD data later on so we could see another drop on U/C

GBP/JPY – If the pound is strong the trend is stop and towards the the top.

EUR/JPY – Keep a close eye on this chart. We’ve currenty using last months high as a supprt at 135.507

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